5 Guidelines to Make a Winning E-Commerce Web Design

E-Commerce is all about boosting the volume of sales of your products. You can sleep well or go for vacation, but your shop doesn’t. Success of e-commerce doesn’t depend on the weight of your investment in the advertisement, but it majorly depends on how you approach your consumers through your website.

Why e-commerce is so crucial? Over 2200 million population of the world are using internet. Studies show that about 80% of the UK and USA internet users are online consumers. And the habit of online shopping is increasing phenomenally. So, e-commerce can be a huge exposure for any business.

However, if your e-commerce website is not in the alignment of consumers’ heart and mind, you will be deserted from the website visitors and thus from the potential profit.

So, in order to avoid such grave mistakes, we have to follow 5 essential guidelines while making an e-commerce Web Design:

1. The website should not open too slowly

Consumers tend to abandon such sites which take longer time to open. It means the possible customer will leave your shop even before visiting your website. So, if you don’t want to lose your potential customer, making such site which is fast in browsing in all the major browsers is the fundamental requirement.

2. Make user friendly categorizing of the products

Do not start your categorization starting from brand. Suppose, it is an online shoe store. Start segregating it right from the gender: Male, Female and Children Section. Then by the types of the products: casual or formal. And then build the brand section for each type. Putting the price tag for each product will help the customers to compare and estimate their affordability as well. In e-commerce web designing, one must bear in mind that it must be able to guide the customers to reach their desired products at ease.

3. Provide information about the displayed products

Basic principle of e-commerce is, make your customer feel the products in every possible way and the chances of converting your visitors into loyal customers of your store will be high. For that:

- Provide the option of looking the products in small as well as bigger size.

- Make it visible from multiple angles.

- Provide information about the available sizes, colors, brands, measurement and like.

- Little description about the trends of the displayed product.

4. Avoid putting the lengthy or complicated checkout process

The purpose of shipping cart is not to get PhD on customers’ background, but to make their buying experience a smooth one. More lengthy or personal the questions are more probability of the visitors to abandon the checkout process in between. To avoid this, try to maintain the following piece of suggestion:

- A form consisting of the least possible steps to place their order.

- Avoid the compulsion for signing up for creating an account, make it optional.

- Online Customer service should always be available.

- Integrate with as many payment gateways as possible.

5. Providing information about your company

Provide information about the company: activities, services, profiles and history. It will help the distant consumers to maintain faith in placing the orders and paying for it.

In conclusion, keeping it simple is the rule of online business, and e-commerce website Design is its gateway. However, you must be able to put the nerve of the consumers in this simplicity frame. If you fail to understand the consumer psychology, all your effort will be in the verge of spoiling.

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